The Big Room


The Big Room

  • Date:10 - May - 2014
  • Location:Göteborg, Sweden
  • Venue:Bigroom

Thiesen & Senza is happy to perform a exclusive gig @ The Big Room Gothenburg Sweden 10/5/2014.

Long has the club scene in Gothenburg stood still!
The loss of something new and something unique was awaited.
Saturday the 5th of October was born a new era, a new product, a new nightclub that left their mark and created history in Gothenburg’s nightlife.
The club was named to the Big Room!
The name was only fair to give to this magnificent and fantastic club.

We are not just a club but a brand name today.
A concept that is here to stay and entertain you for years to come.
We care about you and why we work hard on every Saturday to give you an experience you bring with you your whole life.
We want you to wake up and have a smile on your face after you visited us.

Our goal is to brighten your night and together with you spread love in the Big Room.

We hope that guests come with us, because this is just the beginning of the Big Rooms trip.